Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency Hair Loss

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

26 August 2012

Our body needs vitamin D for many reasons. It digests food which contains calcium and phosphorus; helps to format strong bones. Vitamin D is also important for hormonal regulation, prevention of inflammation and optimal functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

So you can see the importance of vitamin D for our organism.  But unfortunately there are cases when we lack this vitamin. It happens because of shortage of the sun exposure due to work in the room, use of sunscreen and avoiding sun exposure to prevent skin cancer. It’s a great problem for people who live in places with long winter, so absence of sunlight does not allow skin to produce vitamin D.

Deficiency of vitamin D can also be caused by inadequate intake of food such as liver, eggs, fatty fish, fortified milk and dairy products. One of other reasons hair loss in woman and man is also age, as the kidneys become unable to convert vitamin D to its active form, which can be used by the body.

What are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency?

Symptoms of vitamin D may vary depending on individual sensitivity and the degree of human deficiency. Sometimes you cannot see this problem at first, which can declare serious complications in the end.

We can mention the following symptoms of vitamin D deficiency:

  • weakness
  • stunted children’s growth
  • pain in the joints
  • the delay in the formation of teeth
  • deformation of the teeth
  • muscle cramps
  • deformity of the spine and other bone deformation
  • stoop
  • weight loss

Luckily this deficiency can be cured. You should eat proper food and stay in the sun. Of course, you must act in order to avoid all possible reasons of appearance of vitamin D deficiency which have been mentioned above.

We know that this problem can happen both with women and men, in spite of age. Vitamin D deficiency in women seems to be a burning topic nowadays, as there are some symptoms that can be referred only to females. If you observe some of them, you should act at once.

What are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in women?

  •  Depression: it can happen during winter as we do not get enough sunlight.
  • Hair loss: lack of vitamin D causes the hair to fall out because of damaged follicles.
  • Osteoporosis: woman’s body loses capacity to produce vitamin D that lowers the level of calcium. It increases the possibility of osteoporosis, especially at the post-menopausal stage.
  • Cancer: vitamin D can protect the organism from breast and colorectal cancer.
  • Weight problems: women with a low level of vitamin D usually have inclination to corpulence.

You must remember about the importance of different vitamins, especially of vitamin D for your health. Watch what you eat and what way of life you lead.


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